Corner Pocket Package


Love what our “Back Pocket” Package has to offer but looking for a little bit more from your local Pocket Planner? For just $200 more, below are the items that are upgraded from “Back Pocket” as well as a few more goodies we’ve thrown in:

  • Budget Assistance and Cost Analysis provided by your local Pocket Planner. Take the guesswork out of how much you should spend and on what, and let your Pocket Planner give you real, professional advice!

  • Honeymoon Help! Don’t know where to go? Know where to go but not sure when? Your local Pocket Planner will connect you with their preferred travel vendor to help with these details.

  • Venue and Vendor availability check! Access to a wedding planner’s rolodex is already priceless (who needs fake online reviews and sponsored ads?). With this package, your local Pocket Planner will check to make sure the 3 venues and 3 vendors (per category) they recommend are available for your selected wedding date. No more endless calls and emails for you!

  • 1 60 minute Skype or In Person session with your local Pocket Planner.

  • Monthly newsletter including blogs from Pocket Planners across the world, trend reports and answers to questions that couples just like you (and yes, even you) are asking our team of professionals!