The Pocket Planner

The Pocket Planner is a website for couples planning their wedding and looking for some assistance.

How is it different from those other wedding websites that offer a concierge service?

Popular wedding websites out there offer a “concierge” program where a bride or groom is contacted immediately once they land on the home page. Each program is different but they basically offer to help you find your venue and vendors, but you’re not working with a real planner. Instead, those programs are nothing more than a stronger filter system that make recommendations to a couple based on the venues and vendors that advertise with them. Our Pocket Planners are real, working wedding planners, that offer recommendations based on what you need and want, and nothing else.

Where are the planners located?

We have planners across the country and in areas including parts of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not only will you be working with a real planner, but they will be local to your wedding area and can therefore make the best recommendations possible for you!

Why can’t I search for my venues and vendors on your site?

Other wedding websites are great for that, but this site is for the couple that wants customized and personal service (without the price tag of a working with a full service wedding planner). You can search for your own everything, but here we will listen to what you are looking for, what you can afford, and what you need and make recommendations based on all of that!

Where are the advertisements and banner ads?

Because we don't want to be like those other sites, we don’t allow any advertising on The Pocket Planner. This means you never have to worry if a venue was recommended to you because they paid for that big flashy banner ad you see.

What if I love my Pocket Planner so much that I want to hire them for my wedding day?

Part of the reason that we assign a local planner to you is that you can hire them for other services including on-site coordination for the day of your wedding. If you love your planner (we know you will) and want to bring them on, just reach out to them directly to set it up!

Do I need this if I already have some stuff planned?

Absolutely! We have created various packages depending on where you are in the planning process. You can visit them here and if you’re still unsure, take our quiz here to find out which package is right for you! Want to customize your own package? Email us here to get started!

What’s so special about your customization features?

We offer customized templates, many of which will come from your personal Pocket Planner. But better than that are the customized timelines and budgets we put together for our couples. How can a pie chart tell you what percentage of money you need to spend on everything without knowing anything about your wedding and the details? Why would you spend a percentage of your budget on a wedding cake if your venue provides one for free? The timeline are great too because the only ones on those other sites are based on a 12 month long engagement…not too helpful if you’re getting married within the year, and not too accurate without knowing the date of your wedding!

How can I hear more about why this was started?

Easy! Visit our blog on the site to get all the details!