Pocketful Package


This is our grandest package and perfect for the couple looking for the complete and full service that only The Pocket Planner can offer! Along with everything from our first two packages, below are the additional items and upgrades you will receive:

  • 2 individual 60 minute Skype or In Person sessions with your local Pocket Planner! Use one in the beginning and one as wedding day approaches or however you want!

  • 5 venue and 5 vendor (per category) recommendations based on not just what you want, but also on their availability for your wedding date and your budget. Be matched on every level before you even have an appointment!

  • Appointments scheduled for you! Based on your availability, your Pocket Planner will schedule your appointments with each venue you want to tour and every vendor you want to meet with. Just tell us what three dates and times work best for you on the questionnaire provided.

  • Inspiration Board Design! Have one too many Pinterest boards and don’t know how to make it all work? Submit your photos and ideas and your local Pocket Planner will design an inspiration board for you to work from. Buh-bye clutter and hello dream wedding!

  • Contract Review! Before you sign on that dotted line, you will be able to provide your local Pocket Planner with one contract per category (i.e one photography contract, one venue contract, etc.) and they will review it to let you know about any red flags or reasons not to sign/questions to ask before you do.

  • Venue and Vendor discounts. The Pocket Planner is an “ad-free zone”, but every professional planner works with vendors that offer discounts to their clients. With this package, any discount available will be offered to you by participating vendors.

  • Floor plan assistance and design. Not sure how to set up your reception room? No worries! Your local Pocket Planner will design a recommended floor plan for you to work with your venue and florist.

  • Rental recommendations. We don’t allow advertisers here, but a professional planner will always know where to get those chairs you want or those linens you must have. Based on your questionnaire, your Pocket Planner will share their industry secrets and hook you up with the right companies so you don’t spend half your planning life on google looking for them!